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Top Tips To Make Your Bathroom Renovation A Success

With the exception of your kitchen… the bathroom is probably the one room in your home that requires the most careful planning and styling to achieve a space that is both functional and fabulous. Taking advice from a professional interior designer before beginning your bathroom remodeling project is the best way to help you maximise the space and avoid expensive mistakes.

Creating an illusion of space

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house but that doesn’t mean that it has to be poky, dark or cluttered. Speak to your designer about how you can introduce natural light and consider floating vanities and storage units to maximise floor space.

Take the opportunity to say goodbye to antiquated plumbing and bad water pressure by installing new pipework. It’s often the hidden infrastructure that determines how good the final result will be.

The local hardware store may be full of inexpensive tiles, but will they deliver the look and style you want? Interior designers have access to a range of tiles you may only have seen on Pintrest or an interior decorator magazine. Choosing the tiles can transform the room.

Tiles should be in proportion to the space and there are a rainbow of colours and finishes to choose from. Interior designers favour the bold use of feature tiles for dramatic effect and recommend extending tiles from floor to ceiling, to create a clean uncluttered look.

Design in the features you will love for years to come

How much did you detest the grimy old soap dish or shower tidy hanging by your old shower? Talk to your designer about incorporating a feature niche into the tiling. This simple but stylish solution will become a functional and aesthetic addition to your shower. Tiling the back of the niche with feature tiles ties the design together.Will give you a 100 per cent return on your investment.” He firmly believes choosing expensive finishes such as natural stone, marble, granite and quartz will pay off when it comes time to sell. Many manufacturers offer tub and sink materials that are non-slip, non-porous and insulated, to keep your bathwater hotter longer.

It’s the little details that make all of the difference

When people are choosing new bathroom fittings the tendency is to focus on the big items.

While these choices are important so are the little touches that add style. It’s easy to overlook things like the shower and floor grates and while the traditional chrome grate will work, it’s the attention to detail that gives the room a modern architectural look.

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